LifeShare offers to help blood centers after tragic weekend

Published 2:29 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2019

PRESS RELEASE — LifeShare Blood Center is reaching out to blood centers in Texas and Ohio after tragic events resulted in the need for hundreds of blood products.

“Fortunately, those communities have rallied together following the events this weekend,” said LifeShare Sr. Director of Blood Operations Benjamin Prijatel. “Right now, hospitals in those areas have the blood they need to help the patients in their recovery, but we are ready to help if called upon.”

LifeShare will remain on standby to help these blood centers in the coming days as more products may be needed to help replenish what was used.

Although LifeShare offered some blood, only a very limited amount was available.

“We would like to have offered more, but we don’t have much to send. Our first priority will always be our local hospitals in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas,” said Prijatel.

LifeShare saw a larger than expected turnout at its blood drives on Sunday as a result of the many people injured in Texas. Additional staff are being scheduled through the week in hopes more donors will turn out.

“It’s the blood that has already been tested and is on the shelf at the hospital that saves lives when an emergency happens. Those who survived in El Paso on Saturday have blood donors from last Wednesday and Thursday to thank,” said Prijatel.

Those who want to respond to this event can donate at any LifeShare Blood Center. A list of all mobile drives can be found at