Top 10 signs of the end times: #4 Seven Year Peace Plan

Published 2:30 pm Saturday, July 27, 2019

Karen Stevens

The Tribulation will begin when the Antichrist signs a seven-year covenant with Israel.  

He will not fully honor that covenant but will break it in the middle of the 7 years.  (see Daniel 9:27)   

Obviously, we cannot experience the seven-year peace plan right now, but we can see all the people who have tried to negotiate with Israel and Palestine.  

Many have tried, many have failed. The most recent was on May 19 when the White House announced a “Peace to Prosperity” workshop to be held in Bahrain June 25-26 as the first step in its plan for peace between Israel and Palestine. 

The meeting was described as “a pivotal opportunity to business leaders to share ideas, discuss strategies, and proclaim support for potential economic investments and initiatives that could be made possible by a peace agreement.”  

King Abdullah pointedly declared that any plan must provide for a Palestinian state.  The refusal of the Palestinians to attend the Bahrain meeting was a reminder of Mr. Kushner’s struggle with them, ever since they broke off communications with the White House after President Trump moved the embassy.  

Kushner and his colleagues won’t even use the term “two-state solution,” which was the mantra of all US negotiators in the past.  

It is likely that the Palestinians would shun Kushner given the consistent approach of rewarding Israel and punishing Palestinians.  

Based on all this information, I do not see Kushner succeeding, and he didn’t at this workshop.  

But the Bible warns a coming “peace plan” will trigger the coming of the end.  It will be forced upon Israel.  

The Bible also warns there will be no peace in Israel until Jesus Christ returns.  

Jeremiah 8:11 – “Because, even because they have seduced My (God’s) people, (Israel) saying, ‘Peace’, and there was no peace …”  

And in Ezekiel 13:10 – “For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people (Israel) slightly, saying, ‘Peace, Peace’; when there is no peace.”  

The Israelites will rebuild their temple, but the Antichrist will sacrifice unclean animals on it’s alters, and this will be the awakening of the Jews.  The Jews have almost everything they need to rebuild the temple at this present time.  

Strangely enough, they are waiting on a perfect red heifer which on August 28, 2018, one was born.  They have a Jewish Committee (so to speak) to oversee the heifer to insure it doesn’t develop any blemishes.  

The red cow that was sacrificed in Numbers 19:2-9 was for the cleansing of the Israelites who had come into contact with a corpse.  

Hebrews 9:13 states, “The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean sanctify them so that they are outwardly clean.”  

The Jews still don’t recognize Jesus as the forgiveness of sins, so they are trying to follow God’s law for the cleansing of their outside man.  

The sad part is they have missed the sin that they have not accepted Jesus as their Messiah, and therefore must go through the so-called seven-year peace agreement, to be shown the true Messiah.  

Come quickly Lord, Come!


Karen Y. Stevens is the founder of Orange County Christian Writers Guild