A Look Back: The Orange Leader, June 8th, 1947

Published 12:11 pm Saturday, June 8, 2019

Reports of alleged misuse of Federal materials and labor. The City of Orange names June 16th to be “J.W. Edgar Day.”

Jerry Bird, Master Locksmith, demonstrates his knowledge in housebreaking and safecracking

The Strand is featuring Alan Ladd and Gail Russell in a tale of intrigue and romance with the film “Calcutta,” while the Bengal is featuring Betty Field and Johnny Scott in the tale of the heart and soul of a people called, “The Southerner.” And….

For those of you expecting a new addition to the family, Conn’s on Front Street is offering easy payments on new cribs and high chairs!

The Orange Leader, Volume XXXIV, No 134, 8 June 1947

Source: Texas History Portal