Following the commandment to ‘Feed My Sheep’

Published 3:28 pm Saturday, June 1, 2019

By Tammee Greer

The Orange Leader


Carol Lee Ministries isn’t new in town.  The ministry has been serving different churches in the area since the year of 2012.  However, there are still many within the city who don’t know about its existence.

Bishop Carol Lee and Archdeacon Bill Lee are the heads of the establishment.  Carol began her Biblical training at Lakewood Bible Institute in 1986 under the direction of Pastor John Osteen.  

She was ordained as a Christian minister in Houston in November of 1989.  

Carol Lee Ministries was established when Bill and Carol began their own church in Crosby, Texas in 1991.  Carol was the Head Pastor while Bill co-pastored with her while maintaining his professional career. Carol said she was the presence that was there all the time.  Bill couldn’t be because of his job, but she couldn’t have done it without Bill’s support.

Carol began teaching in Orange in 2011.  

In June of 2012, Bill took an early retirement and they made a commitment with a local church to help train people.  

Carol, while helping other churches in Orange, had her own ministry office where she taught.

Carol was consecrated as a Bishop by The International Charismatic Churches Network in March of 2018.  

At the same time, Bill was consecrated as an Archdeacon.  Carol preaches and teaches while Bill is the governing head of the ministry.

Carol has a record of genealogy of succession for her ministry from the beginning of the church through her consecration.

Bishop Delbert Herrin, Archbishop Doyle Volentine and Bishop Steve Evans of The International Charismatic Churches Network in the United Kingdom remain counsels and mentors of Carol Lee Ministries.

Carol’s heart is to obey the commandment of Jesus to ‘Feed My Sheep.’

“Day to day, what motivates me is to help people recognize their calling and get them equipped to do their calling,” Carol said. “That’s my passion.  That’s what I want to do.”

It could be a ministry of a person who has a bake sale and gives all the money to missionaries all the way up to someone called to pastor and more.  Even if a person doesn’t know their calling, Carol wants to help one discover it and prepare them to live out their purpose.

Carol’s hope is to have those whom she equips partner with her in ministry if God calls them to do so.  She wants to build different groups of chaplain ministries, or outreaches, to go throughout Orange ministering to those in need of various help so everyone in Orange is fulfilled.

Carol added all people from all denominations are welcome in her classes every Friday night and anyone is welcome from teenager to seniors even if they have no desire to begin any kind of ministry.  She simply wants to feed His sheep.

Hurricane Harvey destroyed the ministry office, but the ministry is finally ready to reopen their doors to the people of Orange at 6 p.m., Friday, June 7 at 3212 Concord Street, Ste D in Orange.  

For questions about the ministry and classes starting next Friday, feel free to call Carol Lee Ministries at (713) 248-9763.  

No childcare is provided.