Learning the Dewey Decimal System

Published 12:00 pm Monday, April 8, 2019

One of the goals in the library is to teach students the “how’s and why’s” of library setup. The hope is for students to feel comfortable walking into any library in the future and being able to find what is needed.  One early skill is to understand the Dewey Decimal System, a classification system used by librarians to arrange books.   Second graders at Saint Mary Catholic School engaged in an activity using spine labels to find the letter on the alphabet rug to find the correct location for shelving their books.  Mrs. Melissa McCorvy, Library Manager, considered the activity a success. Pictured are front Katie Boehme, left, Kolton Revere and Luke Laughlin.  Back row is Emma Davidson, left, Justin Khatt, Braylon Stokey, Sean Nieto, and Audrey Broussard.