LTTE: Bridges and Turnarounds must remain

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 16, 2019

We need the IH-10 Adam’s Bayou frontage road bridges and turnarounds to remain.

We also need the support pilings out of the bayou channel. Debris hanging up on these piling are far from the root cause of the slow flow of water down Adam’s Bayou, but it darn sure does not help anything. Anyone that has spent any time on the area waterways, and a half a lick of sense, readily understand the multiple issues that cause water flow to speed up or slow down.

You can only stuff so many marshmallows in a piggy bank. In periods of high rainfall, there are too many tributaries flowing into the bayou, which then flows into a swollen Sabine River. Flow slows down. We also do not need frontage road traffic, merging onto IH-10, to cross a bridge, and then exiting back off the high way.

Anyone that thinks that is what needs to happens, needs to travel Highway 90 between Crosby and Houston, where this is done several times. Traffic slows, and accidents happen. We need new frontage road bridges over Adam’s Bayou, with the pilings out of the bayou channel. We also need the turnarounds to remain. 


Chick Collins