LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Resident questions Orange’s pet limit rule

Published 12:16 am Thursday, March 14, 2024

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Dear editor,

That idea to limit the number of pets is a very bad idea.

It does no good and will cause much harm. Breaking up loving families is never good — crying kids and upset adults … nope.

If one or two people have too many and/or don’t take care of their pets, then deal with those people and don’t make the entire population suffer.

99 percent get their pets vaccinated and treated for fleas and spayed/neutered and feed them well, so why bother them?

They spend a lot of money on their pets. But you should keep up the pressure on the few people who engage in fighting dogs, for sure.

There is a petition going around now about stopping that idea on Change.org.

— Jerry Grimeson, Orange