Police Briefs

Published 1:02 pm Sunday, February 3, 2019

Man arrested for possession of synthetic narcotics

By Dawn Burleigh

A man stumbling on the side of the road and almost falling into traffic at approximately 9:30 a.m. Wednesday was reported to police.

Officers located the man near 16th Street and Lutcher Drive in Orange.

The man was having difficulty in maintaining his balance as well as having watery, glassy eyes and slurred speech.

He was placed into custody for Public Intoxication (Class C). A search was then conducted and a small baggie containing a green leafy substance was found in the man’s right sock, according to a police report.  This added the charge of possession of synthetic marijuana (penalty Group IIA, Class B).

An unknown clear substance was also mixed with the leafy substance in the baggie.

Due to his extreme intoxication, officers transported the man to a hospital for evaluation. Once cleared, he was transported to Orange County Jail.

Once inside the jail, while waiting on the jail staff to book him in, the man used the restroom on himself and needed to be immediately taken to the showers, according to the police report. Due to this, he was not able to be asked whether or not he would like to give a voluntary statement.



Man arrested during a traffic stop for six outstanding warrants

A non-working brake light led to a patrol car to pull a white, Dodge Caliber over at 9:44 p.m. on Wednesday at the 300 block of 10th Street in Orange.

The driver, Joshua Denman, 40, told the officer he had a warrant and did not have valid photo identification on him.

A check with dispatch reveled Denman had five possible warrants out of Orange Municipal Court and one possible warrant out of Bridge City Municipal Court.

The officer was unable to issue citations for driving without a valid license or for displaying expired registration due to Denman not have a valid ID on his person at the time, so he was taken into custody for the citations as well.

Total fines for the outstanding warrants is $1,966.80.

Orange Police Beat


Man begs police to arrest him

Orange police officers responded to a verbal disturbance at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday at the 1000 block of Dupont Drive in Orange.

When officers arrived to the location, they spoke with a man with a strong distinct order of an unknown alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. The man was identified as William Lorenz.

Lorenz admitted he had been drinking. No one in the household wanted to press charges and he had not committed a crime as he was inside the residence. The officers told him to go to sleep and stay in his room to avoid any conflict, according to the police report.

Lorenz asked the officers to arrest him. The report added he was cooperative but wanted to be arrested. He was told he had not done anything illegal so he could not be arrested.

As the officers were leaving, Lorenz went to the door and asked the officers to come back and arrest him.

Officers told him, according to the report, that while he was on his property intoxicated, they could not take him to jail.

Officers then told him if he walked into the public area of the roadway, they would have to arrest him. Lorenz asked the officers to wait while he got dressed.

Once he stumbled into the roadway, the officers obliged him by arresting him for public intoxication.