Understanding Kingdom Faith

Published 7:39 pm Saturday, September 29, 2018

By Pastor Aquila Tyson

Have you ever heard someone talk about how strong they are, or how much weight they can lift? It is common for one to focus on their physical strength and place emphasis on their physical ability to lift weights. For someone who exercises and lifts weights, it gives them immediate satisfaction and self-affirmation knowing how much they can physically handle. However, your physical ability and strength is nothing compared to the strength of your faith, but not just any kind of faith… Kingdom faith! My prayer as you read this article is that you will understand faith with a different set of eyes. May your faith be challenged so that you rise to the next level.

Let us begin by asking Where is your faith? Mark 11:22 (New King James Version) states: “And Jesus answering saying unto them, have faith in GOD.”  Notice the verse does not say have faith in things (the economy, material objects, or your job). It simply says to have faith in God. Is your faith in God or in what you can get from Him? As Kingdom citizens, our faith is in the King, not in the gifts from the King. In John Chapter 6 verse 2, we read where Jesus fed the multitude, and then they began following Him. Later in verses 26-27 we read again where Jesus asked, why do you seek me, you seek me for the food (fish and bread). In other words, the multitude followed Jesus for what He was able to do for them. Are you willing to follow God in faith or follow Him for food (what He can do for you or give you)?

Did you know you are only as strong as the storm you survive?  In order to know how strong you are, there must be a test. In this season, God is looking for strong faith! What is strong faith? Strong faith is confidence in the Kingdom of God and it does not fold under pressure. Kingdom faith is having trust, confidence, and belief in the King only, not in what the King provides. Kingdom faith must be proven by the storms of life, so you will know where your faith lies, and what can’t shake you. Our faith must remain anchored in the God who never shifts or moves when storms arise to test our strength. Kingdom faith is never shaken! Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When you possess something that cannot be seen… that is strength only from our God, our King! Kingdom faith goes beyond what you can physically see. Kingdom faith is the substance of your strength, and that is the kind of weight you should want to lift during storms to test your strength and brag about!

So, what is your motive for following Jesus? Is it for things, or are you going after Jesus because He is Lord (owner of all)? Motive reveals one’s true self. Will you follow Jesus if he does not provide what you asked? What if He didn’t provide fish and bread…will you still trust Him? John 6:27 (New King James Version) says, “Do not work for food that perishes, but for the food that endures to everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give you”. Do not put your faith, confidence, and belief in the material things of this world; they are designed to fade away (for example that car, house, or whatever it is will eventually get old). Instead, put your trust and faith in God, who is UNSHAKEABLE. Everything created according to Hebrews 12:27-28KJV will be shaken. The only thing that cannot be shaken is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Shift your faith in the King and not in the gifts from the King! We are Kingdom citizens with UNSHAKABLE FAITH because our trust is in an UNSHAKEABLE KINGDOM!