Concrete, heal thy self

Published 7:34 am Saturday, August 25, 2018

By Karen Y. Stevens


The title to this article sounds sacrilegious, doesn’t. Well, it’s not. It’s true!

Scientist have come up with a way for concrete to heal itself, when it starts cracking, and is guaranteed for about 200 years. Concrete has been around for over 2000 years, and the reason why is because it’s durable, fairly cheap, but it cracks. When concrete cracks, rain and other elements are allowed in, that speed up the progression of ruin.

This new Bio-concrete will redefine the construction industry. A Scientist in the Netherlands came up with “Bio-concrete”, which is dead concrete infused with bacteria, that awakens when cracks appear. It self-activates if damage occurs. Then it produces limestone, that fills the cracks in a matter of weeks. Amazing!

They have also come up with ways to add this application to old existing concrete.

Just think, the Roman Colosseum can have this product applied, and it will stop the ruin progression for at least another 200 years.

Did you notice that Scientist had to use a product that God produced, and Scientist can’t? Bacteria is a great thing when not too long ago, Scientist were trying to get rid of, or keep bacteria at bay.

They now say you need good bacteria in your gut, to have a healthy system. I can see why. If bacteria will heal concrete, it can surely heal your gut.

We wonder all the time, why God created different things.

We think “Oh my, God must have made a mistake”, only to find out what he created, is vital to us.

I know I harp on scientist all the time, but I do appreciate scientists. They invent the most creative things that make our life easier, but most of them just don’t believe where their source comes from.

God says that we are to establish our heart towards the kingdom of God. We are supposed to be “kuwn” which in Hebrew means “to be firm, established, stable.”

So often we are like concrete in our walk with God; we start out firm, and stable, and then somewhere along the way, we get complacent, or lazy, and end up with cracks, or a pile of rubble.

All the things that make us strong in the Lord, we quit trying, quit reading our Bible, stop praying, miss church every now and then. Our concrete starts cracking, which makes us vulnerable to the elements of Satan. Satan is relentless in his pounding on our lives. If we are not fully planted in God’s word, wearing the full armor, we will be broken into a pile of rubble, which at that point, is very hard to get back to where we were. That’s why it is so important not to let your guard down.

But, if you have already let your guard down, and Satan has you in a pile, look up. Cry out to God. Ask for His help.

Hebrew 13:5 states He will never leave us or forsake us. He will inject the bacteria, or the Holy Spirit, (a living organism,) into your life, that will begin to heal, and make you whole again.


Karen Y. Stevens is founder Orange County Christian Writers Guild