Discipline is not a dirty word

Published 10:30 am Monday, August 20, 2018

By John Warren


Choices have consequences. This is something most of us do not like to acknowledge.

For example, my wife has been away for two weeks, I have stuck to eating the left over food she left for me in the refrigerator but I have also found all of her hiding places of things we were not supposed to be eating.

So far I have gone through two half gallons of Blue Bell, they weren’t even flavors I particularly liked but I ate them just the same. The stash of M&Ms – they are gone too! My pant size has gone up to the next size and I have busted the button off of the newer pants I had been wearing. Something has got to give rather than my buttons!

One of life’s greatest lessons is self-discipline.

I had a good amount of it when I had someone determined to push or drag me along. Yes, my wife was the strong one.

A high school teacher was teaching on personal achievement, which included a section on self-discipline. The teacher used saving money as an example of self-discipline.

After class, one of the students approached the teacher and said, “I have a part-time job making $150 a week but I blow it all! What can I do?”

The teacher asked her what she spent the money on and she replied, “things and fun.”

The teacher asked “Could you put $40 a week in a savings account and use the rest for the things and fun?”

She said, “I will try.”

Next year when she graduated, she showed him her bankbook where she had saved almost $5,000. What happened? She gave up a few movies, some label clothes and fast food. Some weeks she saved more than her goal. What did she get in return? She got a lot of money for a high school kid and a good start on her future and a valuable lesson in self-discipline, confidence and her ability on being self-sufficient.

She said she also came to know that the best things in life don’t cost anything.

Right choices create good habits produces fulfillment.

Someone interview J.J. Watt of the Texans asking him what his greatest accomplishment would be and his response was that day by day everyday he do the best he can do and in the end he will do his best.

Day by day is the best person you can be and God will bless you. Because the best you can be is what God wants from us, our best and let’s face it God deserves nothing less.