Say what? Scientists have discovered a new shape

Published 7:37 am Saturday, August 4, 2018

By Karen Y. Stevens

Scientists have discovered and named, a new shape that they did not know existed, but it’s all over God’s creation, which they have never seen before. They named it scutoid.

They originally thought these shapes were just cylinders, but found they are much more complicated. The shape has six sides at the top and five sides at the bottom, and one of the sides, has a triangular protrusion. It’s named after the shape of the thorax of a beetle, which is called the scutellum of a beetle.

Researchers examined many things, as well as cells from fruit flies and zebrafish, to see if the scutoid shows up in those animal’s tissue, and it did.

Scientists get so excited about God’s intricate details of our world, but never the Creator Himself? God has also put together our cells in all kinds of weird ways.

Neuron cells have long, branching connections to other cells, blood vessels float freely around the body, but most cells are simply squished together as tightly as possible.

Scientists have determined, that these squished cells in particular, come in this unique and previously unknown shape, which is the scutoid.

The sad news is, if you’re still in school, they have added this scutoid shape to mathematics.

There are so many details in our world, that the only way we can keep up with them is thru books, but God knows each one of them by heart. It blows me away how smart God is, as well as being creative.

I can look at a sunset and be reminded of God’s eye for beauty. So, yes, I do get excited to find out that we have something new that we didn’t know God has created. But it’s because it reminds me of how vast, knowledgeable, inventive, and so gracious God is, that He would create this great, big world just for us.

And all those details are overwhelming, and exciting at the same time.

In 2014, scientists discovered a new whale species off the coast of Pribilof Islands Community of St George, Alaska. As a matter of fact, they have discovered five new species in the last 15 years.

God knew we would find out someday about these things and wants us to praise Him for His handywork! It’s like when a parent takes a child to Disney World. The parent wants to see the excitement on their child’s face, hear their laughter, and get a big hug or thank you.

There is nothing worse than a child not getting excited about something that you thought they would be elated over (and spent a lot of money!).

As adults, when did we get so stoic, that we couldn’t show our true feelings like excitement, wonder, awe, etc., over God’s creation.

So, today it is a scutoid shape. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! I hope you are excited, and praising Him as well, while we discover all the things God has created for us.

He truly is a great God!

Karen Y. Stevens is founder of the Orange County Christian Writers Guild