A very one of a kind, special name

Published 11:39 am Tuesday, July 3, 2018

By Karen Y. Stevens


I have just returned from my Family Reunion.

My family is spread out all over the U.S., so we have reunions in different states, each year. If one of my relative’s volunteers to host and they live in California, then that’s where we all go.

My cousin Steve volunteered for this year, so the Reunion was in Tennessee where he lives.

We also have another tradition of wearing colored t-shirts that match the family we belong to. There were about 75 of us this year, and the majority was in red.

The entire family is “the George Family” which originates from English, Welsh, French, & South Indian.

My Grandmother George married a “Manning”, and we wear purple at the reunions.

So, we are singled out by these colors, and made known by that color. We did have two Karen’s, so I turned my head a lot, but she is in the red t-shirt family.

You are probably wondering why I’m going thru great lengths to tell you this.

We are all called Christians, (like my family is called George), but there are various kinds of Christians.

You have Baptist, Nazarene, Assembly of God, Charismatic, etc. We all fall under one of these roofs (like the “Manning” family falls under “George”). When we are at our Reunions, we like to catch up on everyone’s lives, and reconnect. We all know that we are special to be a part of the George Family.

Have you ever wondered how many people will be in heaven at that Christian reunion, and will you be special out of all those people? Wouldn’t it be nice to be really special in God’s kingdom?

In Revelation 2:17 – it talks about Jesus giving me a white stone when I get to heaven.

In Rome, white stones with names of the recipients inscribed, were given to contest winners of the Roman sport races. The white stone inscribed with a personal name, presumably served as a pass to a prestigious banquet, only attended by the winners.

The scripture states – “I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.”

I thought really Jesus? A rock? But the hidden meaning is on the stone. The new name given to me in heaven, that only God and myself will know. Isn’t that incredible and special?

I thought of the stone representing my families colored T-shirts, and a passage into my reunion. The colored T-shirts are nothing special, just like the stone that Jesus will hand to us as winners.

But just like the t-shirt, the stone will represent that belonging too, a symbolism only known to those who wear it, or hold it in their hands. And then that special name.

God gave Jesus the name Emmanuel, and told the world that name was like no other name. I’m proud to be a “George”, but I will be even prouder to be in heaven, with a very one of a kind, special name. Can’t wait!


Karen Y. Stevens is founder of Orange County Christian Writers Guild