Orange County marriage licenses issued June 11 – June 15, 2018

Published 11:21 am Monday, June 18, 2018

The following couples were reported to have obtained marriage licenses in the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, during the week of June 11 – June 15, 2018:


Joseph J. Frederick and Miranda D. Trevino

Shannon C. Daigle and Monica D. Gossett

Bobby Jones and Felice Wright

Aaron R. Herrington and Samantha A. Hamilton

Alvin E. Gardner and Thuy T. Spell

Mitchell L. Burge, Jr. and Chace R. Cannon

Randy W. Wheat and Erin L. Shaw

Ronnie C. Shugart, Jr. and Lindsey R. Norwood

Sterling L. Morgan and Sondra J. Laroue

David L. Arnold and Cheryl R. Marze

Christopher C. Hoelter and Magen L. Wright

Jayce L. Doyle and Julianna G. Gaspard

Zachary A. Schaver and Alex B. Jones

Cameron R. Culotta and Anna M. Brumfield

Jonathan C.R. Naegele and Christine R. Smith