WOCCISD approves increase in teacher pay, offers $7,000 & $3,000 stipend in hard-to-staff areas

Published 8:14 am Saturday, June 9, 2018

To The Leader

The West Orange – Cove School Board has approved the 2018-2019 Teacher Pay Scale, which includes a minimum $2,000 increase for all full-time teachers. Based on years of experience or step, some teachers may see a larger increase in pay.

Additionally, the Board has approved stipends for teachers in hard to fill areas. Stipends of $7,000 are available for secondary math and Spanish teachers. A $3,000 stipend is available for secondary science teachers.

Both actions will allow WOCCISD to be more competitive in the education job market, as well as recruit and retain teachers in critical areas by enhancing the salaries associated with those positions.

WOC also recently restructured and approved the pay scale for substitute teachers effective for 2018-2019. In order to broaden the pool of substitute teachers, college hours are no longer required. Substitute teacher pay increased from a minimum of $70 per day to $85 per day for non-degreed individuals. The new pay scale provides $100 per day for substitutes with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and $125 per day for substitutes with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree AND a Texas teaching certificate.

A majority of long-term substitutes will also see a daily increase in pay, as well. Starting pay for a long-term substitute without a degree increased $15 per day, from $75 to $90. Degreed long-term substitutes will earn $20 more per day, which is now $105. Degreed long-term substitutes enrolled in an alternative certification program will earn $115 per day.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Nina LeBlanc said, “We are excited to show our substitutes how much we also appreciate the service they provide to our students. Having strong, reliable substitutes ensures we can provide quality instruction to our students each day; and, we want our substitutes to know they are greatly valued.”

All degreed long-term substitutes with a Texas Teaching certificate will earn $200 per day. Substitutes who work in a single sub position will earn long-term pay beginning on the 21st day of an assignment.

Employment information is available on the WOCCISD website: https://www.woccisd.net/apps/pages/Human_Resources