Determined to honor

Published 11:55 am Saturday, June 9, 2018

By MaQuettia “Denise” Ledet


Romans 12:10-Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;


I am always elated meeting people in the community who want to share about the readings; keep it coming! I love hearing what you took away from the entry. Thank you!

I fell in love with writing when I was a child; I think I ‘poem-ed’ my family and church leaders to death. I literally wrote poems daily as means of communication.

Writing has been my safe place for many years, and I encourage you to pick up a pen and paper and find some alone time with yourself.

Many people are so busy with life they cannot tell you who they are, in essence. What’s your favorite food? Favorite scenery? Restaurant? Or what are the things you do not like? When trying to decide with friends on places to visit I was always the girl who didn’t care or had no suggestion. Are you the “I don’t care” person in the group? Become familiar with myself.

In the midst of loving, serving, and getting to know others make sure you remember you.

Now, honor! Honor is absolutely one of my favorite subjects and areas of teaching. I have literally seen acts of honor heal the broken and give confidence to the uncertain and insecure.

Dishonor comes to take away identity, confidence, and certainty. It is literally an attack on one’s core self beliefs. We have all gone through life and experienced dishonor knowingly or unknowingly. It was the feeling that remained when you were the only person overlooked, or the feeling you felt when someone spoke harshly to you and left you feeling disrespected.

For many years we have told people to shake it off and to do everything ‘as unto the Lord’. That’s absolutely true, but we have to restore the honor that we have lost, likewise.

Three things honor will do: 1. Honor affirms identity or purpose, because it tells the person being honored I SEE who you are. 2. Honor heals, because it chases, confronts, challenges, and champions over our insecurities. 3. Honor changes the climate over our lives, because God will make happen for us what we make happen for others.

It’s the “Reaping and Sowing” principle; if you sow honor you will reap it, as well.

This week find someone to honor, affirm, validate, or celebrate. Maybe it’s the cashier in the grocery store, the valet specialist, the registration specialist, or the postal specialist. You’d be surprised how a quick thank you, compliment, or acknowledgment will help that person feel special, vital, adequate, and purposeful.

We don’t lose anything making others feel special. Blessings!


MaQuettia “Denise” Ledet is Senior Leader, Impact Orange