Meeting the Democrat candidates

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Orange County Democrats are making a stand in the 2018 elections.

Recently, the party held a Meet and Greet at Robert’s Steakhouse to give voters an opportunity to meet candidates on the ballot.

“We are planning to hold an event every month,” Orange County Democrat Chair Elect Louis Ackerman said. “We want to reach new people and the young voters. We are reaching out to all voters.”

Gail Barnett, Democrat, is running against Hershel Stagner, Jr for Justice of the Peace Pct. 1.

“I was taught to work hard with integrity,” Burnett said. “And whatever you do, you do unto God.”

Barnett married an Orange native and they moved to Orange approximately 15 years ago.

“While in Mississippi, I was a Family Court Judge and was appointed City Judge,” Barnett said. “I am a servant and as JP I want to serve you, the citizens of Orange County. I have a responsibility to my new community to be involved.”

Barnett also wanted to clarify Judicial Officers should not affiliate with any party.

“We are called on to be the people’s judge,” Barnett said. “In every case, we are pro-rule of law and listen to the case. Every individual should be treated with fairness, integrity and dignity. No one should enter feeling defeated before entering the courtroom.”

Barnett added she has the maximum educational training and has the experience for the position.

“Citizens deserve to be represented by the most qualified,” Barnett said. “I am a servant willing to serve you.”

Orange County Commissioner Pct. 2 Democrat candidate Deborah Mitchell will face Republican Theresa Beauchamp in the November Election.

“I am the real deal,” Mitchell said. “What you see is what you get. There is no hidden agenda.”

Mitchell and her husband, a retired Orange Police officer, raised five children in Orange.

“I am involved in the community for 37 years,” Mitchell said.

Among the many organizations Mitchell has been involved with over the years include being a co founder of GOALS (Greater Orange Area Literacy Services) and a Lions Den Coordinator.

“I see disconnect in Orange County,” Mitchell said. “I will be honored to serve Precinct 2, not as a Democrat or a Republican but as the real deal.”

Mitchell said her goals are to make Orange County better for senior citizens, children and families.

“The real Orange County who believes in Orange County,” Mitchell said. “I support business, economic development, schools, growing our economy. There is a lack of social outlets to bring children. We need our children to come back home, make a place for them in Orange County.”

Mitchell added she suggests offering businesses incentives to build and stay here.

“I am about serving, making connections,” Mitchell said. “Every voter, whether they vote for me or not, will receive the same attention. I say what I mean. Mean what I say. I do what I say I will do.”

She also would like to see monthly community meetings to receive feedback from the citizens.

Orange County Democrat Chair Elect Louis Ackerman said, “We want representatives to represent us. Nichols and Babin are not here, not approachable. We need people willing to fight for the people.”


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