Orange County Democratic Party hold County Convention

Published 11:25 am Wednesday, March 28, 2018

To The Leader

 Orange County Democratic Party met in convention, on Saturday, to choose delegates to the Texas Democratic Party Convention to be held this June in Fort Worth. They also adopted several resolutions to take to the State Party for adoption ranging from an increase in the minimum wage to better environmental and worker protections

Outgoing chairman John Baker noted, “We are seeing a resurgence of the county party. We are starting to attract state candidates to our county. When they are here campaigning they can see first hand what the County needs to grow and thrive.”

Local candidates, Deborah Mitchell running for Precinct 2 Commissioner, and JP Pct 1 candidate Gail Barnett spoke about a need for diversity in the county government.

Texas Supreme Court Justice candidate (Place 6), spoke to a packed room, “We will not win unless we come to the smaller counties, unless we engage the rural voters as well as the urban.”

She has become the fourth state wide candidate to come to Orange, following stops by Kim Olson running for Texas Agricultural Commissioner, Mike Collier running for Lieutenant Governor, and Beto O’Rourke who is running for US Senator.

Her visit was highlighted by special videos made by Texas Gubernatorial candidate Andrew White, US Congressional Candidate Dayna Steele, Texas Supreme Court Place 2 candidate Steve Kirkland, SBOE candidate Eliz Markowitz and Texas State Senate Candidate Shirley Layton. All can be seen on the Orange County Democratic Party Facebook Page.

Chairman-Elect Louis Ackerman talked about the need of transparency and activism. He remarked, “we cannot continue to grow unless we are open honest with the voting public. We must be in the streets and the community fighting for a better county.”

He noted that he had participated in the Orange Cleanup that morning and was going to the March for Your Lives Rally after the convention.

John Baker concluded the convention with giving Louis Ackerman a ballcap with the words “Yellow Dog Democrat.”

He quipped, “Since I do not have a gavel to pass on, this hat will have to do.”