West Orange-Cove CISD seeking members for Citizens Advisory Committee on school district facilities

Published 7:43 am Saturday, March 10, 2018

To The Leader

New program needs, aging facilities, and the impact of natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey are just a few of the reasons school districts should periodically study both current and future facility needs. The West Orange-Cove CISD Board of Trustees authorized the superintendent, Mr. Rickie Harris, to assemble a Citizens Advisory Committee for this purpose. For the next several months, the committee will study educational programming and the condition of facilities in the school district.

Potential committee members are being nominated by board members, administrators in the school district, and civic organizations. Additionally, West Orange – Cove CISD wants all citizens to know that anyone can self-nominate and be a member of the committee as well. Individuals willing to meet six times during the coming months and are comfortable working in a committee environment are invited to consider being a committee member. If you would like to join this committee and make an impact on the quality of our school district and community, please send an email to Lorraine Shannon, WOC Communications Director, at losh@woccisd.net or contact the Superintendent’s office at 409-882-5600.