Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight

Published 12:08 pm Monday, March 5, 2018

In a recent ad submitted and paid for by Judge Carlton, my character and accomplishments were maligned. I wanted to take this opportunity to debunk the false information spread about me and set the record straight.

During my tenure as Orange County Judge, no benefit was ever given to any member of the Commissioner’s Court, including the Judge unless it was first given to all the county employees and sustainable by the budget at the time.

Judge Carlton has also stated that when I was County Judge, Orange County was bankrupted. This is another falsehood spread by a desperate candidate; Orange County never declared bankruptcy during my time in office.

For 45 years, I’ve served the Orange County Citizens in many different roles. I served as Orange County Judge and Orange County Democratic Chairman. The same Democratic Chairman position that Steve Carlton, Brint Carlton’s, campaign Treasurer and closest advisor ran for unsuccessfully. I am now serving my 6th term, 12 years as Mayor of Pinehurst.

So, I am a bit confused. Is Judge Carlton just being hypocritical by calling my character into question in referring to my past accomplishments as a democrat or does he simply have a problem with success.


Pete Runnels