Results from HF UIL Academic Invitational

Published 8:04 pm Friday, January 19, 2018

To The Leader

Orangefield High School students traveled to Hamshire Fannett High School on Saturday, January 13th for the year’s first UIL Academic Invitational. The following students brought home medals: Informative Speaking 6th place -Lindsey Romero; Persuasive Speaking 6th place -Kim Nguyen; CX-Debate 3rd place team-Alexis Sturrock and Tatum Garlington, 4th place team-Jag Gray and Cooper Lowe; Accounting 4th place Emily Havens, 5th place Zach Patronis, 2nd Place Accounting Team Havens, Patronis, and Christie Luong; Editorial Writing 1st place Whitney Flanigan; News Writing 2nd place Whitney Flanigan, 5th place Gracie Donnaud; Feature Writing 1st place Ronnie Elkins, 2nd place Whitney Flanigan; Headline Writing 2nd place Ronnie Elkins, 5th place Gracie Donnaud; 1st place Overall Journalism Team; Computer Applications 3rd place Drew Worthy, 4th place Madison Taylor; Spelling and Vocabulary 1st place Ronnie Elkins. Congratulations to these students and their sponsors. The next invitational will be held at Nederland High School on Saturday, January 27th.