Giving to Puerto Rico

Published 12:34 pm Saturday, December 16, 2017

St. Mary Catholic School Student Council partnered with George Ruiz from the Southeast TX Navy and collected; MRE’s, non-perishable food, toys, clothing for kids and adults, cleaning supplies, towels, books and many other items to send to Puerto Rico.  Ruiz was able to arrange transportation for a plane and boat to take the items to Puerto Rico.  Mrs. Smith, Student Council Advisor, reached out to her neighborhood group and received over 53 boxes of MRE’s to help with the collection.

The seventh and eighth grade students helped load the U-Haul and the back of Mr. Ruiz’s truck.  There were so many donations that Mr. Ruiz had to return and pick up more items.   In addition, he will also make a third trip to get the remainder of the donations.