Re: It’s time for Orange County to take a stand for health care

Published 6:41 am Saturday, November 4, 2017

A critical election concerning the future of Orange County will be held on December 19th. Our county is at a crossroads after suffering through the impact of our third major hurricane in the past 12 years and our first without a local hospital. I have written this letter to voice my support for the creation of a Hospital District in Orange County and to ask your support as well.

Orange is my home and has been for most of the 50 years of my life. I was born here, and my two boys were born here. However, without a hospital distract there is a strong likelihood their children will not be born here.   Remember, this is not some small rural area, this is a county with more than 80,000 people and is the largest county in the state without a hospital. Additionally, my 84-year-old Dad has been told by his cardiologist for the past 10 years that he was leaving Orange, because he could not run his practice without a functioning hospital. My wife and I are faced with the reality that my father’s home of more than 60 years may not be the best place for him in the future.

As a banker in Orange County for over 20 years I have experienced the impact of a hospital on our local economy by attracting doctors, nurses and other support staff. Losing our hospital has been a gut punch to our county and could ultimately lead to a steady decline in our quality of life, property values, and our ability to attract new businesses and residents. The time is now to bring quality health care back to Orange County. Please join me in voting Yes on December 19th.


Stephen Lee