Payne’s Pantry: My Mom’s ‘Tater Chip Chicken

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

By Anne Payne

Haven’t you heard of chicken covered in crushed potato chips?  It was a popular dish in the retro days for a while! Yes, I grew-up loving it, and so did our boys, and my husband developed a fondness for it, too.  I just never made it too often since it does make a bit of a mess, and it is not as healthy as just plain, grilled chicken.  Anyway, here we go with a true retro recipe!

MY MOM’S’ TATER CHIP CHICKEN, by the late Ethel Lois (Mullins) Hardy


1 large Hen, cut-up, or 8 Thighs or Breasts, all skin removed

1 large bag potato chips, finely crushed

1 stick melted margarine

2-4 shakes Garlic Powder

2 shakes Black Pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Cover a cookie tray with foil, and place a baking rack on top of it so chicken will be elevated slightly.  You can also use a broiler pan if you have one.  I do not.

Rinse the chicken with water.  To crush potato chips, put them in a zip lock or sealable plastic bag and roll on top of bag with a rolling pin until crushed.  You can also crush the chips with your hands, if you wish.  Now, slit the plastic bag down middle with crushed chips and sprinkle with shakes of garlic powder and pepper to taste, mixing well.  (Mom did not use the seasonings since she and I never tolerated spices well at all!)

Then, take the melted margarine in bowl and dip the water-dipped chicken in margarine, rolling immediately in chips, and placing on oven rack on the cookie tray or broiler pan.  Bake at least one hour or until golden brown.  Retro chicken!

I thank you, Mom, for the recipe, and God rest your soul and bless you in eternity.