Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce Supports Hospital District

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas Orange Campus’s closure of obstetrics in 2013, in-patient services in 2015 and emergency services in 2017, has placed significant strain on the healthcare services available to Orange County residents. It is now urgent for Orange County leaders to consider the formation of an Orange County Hospital District to meet the healthcare needs of its citizens, local businesses and local industries. Furthermore, the formation of a Hospital District would serve as a job retention and job creation strategy, create job expansion opportunities, and improve the quality of life for Orange County.

Public Hospitals Districts are community-created, governmental entities authorized by state law to deliver health services to district residents and others in the districts’ service areas. Owned and governed by local citizens, hospital districts tailor their services to meet the unique needs of their individual communities. Facilities operating in a Hospital District are also eligible for federal reimbursement programs and waivers, allowing them to provide more efficient and effective care.

The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce is in support of the formation of the Orange County Hospital District.