Letter to the Editor 8.12.17

Published 1:30 pm Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Reading the paper now-a-days is weird. Not long ago, newspapers were a common resource tool for people to obtain information about their City and the world around them. What captures the attention of most today is the rhetoric from both Political sides. One side seems oblivious to what is happening and the other side is building bomb shelters preparing for HELL TO BREAK LOSE.

Is 45 the last President this Country will have? Was 44 that bad? (Please don’t answer either – I am just writing out loud), and WHY are we so hard on the persons we elect? I can only imagine how Commissioners, State Representatives, Senators, Congressmen and Presidents feel. Yes, granted, there are some elected and appointed officials who make you scratch your head and wonder “how in the world did they get that position”, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Dare anyone mention groups like Transgender (PFLAG, TPOCC, TWOCC, SPART*A), LGBTQ or Black Lives Matter… An all-out war will pursue. Why the hate? – – How soon we forget how things were for women, blacks, Catholics, Italians, Jews, Irish, Hispanic, Asians etc… As the news continues to be told, my hope is that we don’t tear each other apart in our quest to “make things better.” As a country, we are stronger together. Division can’t help us to better ourselves, division can only keep us apart, thereby giving others the opportunity to DIVIDE AND CONQUER… History shows us that better than I ever could.

Yes, I enjoy reading the newspaper and I thoroughly enjoy being a FREE AMERICAN who has the liberty of life and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you for the news Orange Leader, you Rock!

Annette Pernell