Saint Mary School gears up for exciting new school year

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

By Jeanette Boehme

Special to The Leader

Nestled in Orange, Texas, sits Saint Mary Catholic School. It is the “little school that could and did.”   They figured out how they “could” make a terrific school and then they “did” it.

They have a long history of producing amazing students that grow to be productive, high-caliber citizens and professionals. These are well documented facts. Not only are the graduates well educated, but they have been instilled with values and characteristics that make them honest, caring Christians. Further, Saint Mary School accepts children of all faiths and helps all children be all they can be.

As the school year opens this August 9th, Saint Mary Catholic School will begin its 93rd year of providing this quality education to the children in the Orange community. The school began in 1924 when a grammar school was established by Reverend Otto Bauer. It was staffed at the beginning by sisters belonging to the Dominican Order of the Sacred Heart Congregation of Houston.

Later, in 1949, Reverend Joe Berberich, who was a great believer in Catholic education, expanded the school to include a high school. The high school remained until 1970. The school now houses grades Pre-K 3 through 8th grade.

Students matriculating into area public schools go on to be honor students, salutatorians, and valedictorians in disproportionate high numbers. There are many physicians, lawyers, and other professionals in the alumni.

The reasons for this high percentage seem to be the quality teachers, excellent curriculum, and discipline that lends itself to exceptional learning and achievement. The Principal, Dr. Cynthia Jackson, along with Father Joseph Daleo and an experienced staff, work to maintain the school’s reputation for excellence.

As we now travel well into the 21st century, Saint Mary Catholic School continues to serve as an educational beacon to the children of our area. This “little school” with big results still gets the job done.