Letter to the Editor: Bathroom Bill

Published 9:36 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

“I didn’t march one foot, one yard, one mile for men to be in women’s bathrooms!” a participant of Marin Luther King’s March on Washington stated Thursday morning on the steps of the Texas Capitol. I stood along with two hundred citizens, pastors, and legislators in support of HB46, the “Bathroom Bill”.  Rep. Byron Cook, chairman of the State Affairs Committee, has refused to even bring the ‘Bathroom Bill’ to a vote.  Cook’s staffer told me that the Rep.’s opinion of the bill was that it was “bad for business” and “discriminatory”. Look how Target, who has allowed men in women’s dressing rooms, has lost business. Is this the model we want for Texas businesses? And, yes, this bill does discriminate—against predators. I am a fifteen-year-old girl and I often use public restrooms. If a man was in the stall next to mine I’d be terrified! This is a safety issue! As it stands, it is dangerous and immoral. Texas needs this bill for the safety of women and children like myself. Contact your State Representative and Rep. Byron Cook to demand privacy over predators!

Lydia Covey