LCM Cheerleaders bring home bling

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Special to The Leader

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School cheerleaders and mascots went to Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp, June 6 through June 9, at Texas A&M University.  The group received Gold Superior Crowd Leading Cheer, Gold Superior X-treme Routine, Spirit Stick each night and Reese Cricchio and Saylor Dronett were in the jump off finals.  Reese Cricchio won the jump off for the 9th/JV division, Skylar Henry and Saylor Dronett received the “Pin it Forward” award, Skylar Henry, Haley Edwards, Haleigh Stark, Reese Cricchio, Saylor Dronett, and Allyson Campbell were named All-American, Haleigh Stark was asked to join UCA staff, First Place Game Day Cheer and Third Place X-treme routine.

The mascots also distinguished themselves during camp, receiving a spirit stick each night. Sydney Franklin was named mascot All-American and won the Best Attitude Award. Lexxi Fair received the Most Motivated and Most Spirited Awards.

Varsity squad members are Kennedy Franklin (Head Cheerleader), Skylar Henry (Head Cheerleader), Lani Daniels, Taylor Malone, Haleigh Stark, Haley Edwards, Jodi Cabiness, Mallory Lisle, Karlie Morgan, Rylee Locke, Rylie George, Reagan Odom, Kati Foskey, Kylee Perry, Morgan Denman, Karli Choate, Kylie Gross, and Lyndie Manuel.  Varsity mascots are Sydney Franklin and Lexxi Fair.

Junior Varsity squad members are Jenna McCorvy (Head Cheerleader), Haylee Wheeler (Head Cheerleader), Cassie Blackmon, Sarah Fruge, Reese Cricchio, Saylor Dronett, Allyson Campbell, LiLi Doucet, Crystal Malone and Amiyah LeBlanc.

Cheerleader sponsors are Brandy Cricchio and Katrina Daniels.