Regarding The MacArthur street crossing:

Published 8:25 am Saturday, May 27, 2017

This problem developed years ago when the islands were removed. They provided a safe harbor for crossing.

A concrete barrier topped with cyclone fencing would prevent crossing on busy MacArthur.

I know the argument against fencing. It doesn’t allow immediate access to businesses on both side of the road, but with the decline of MacArthur shopping  center, I think its time to prevent street-crossing on foot between the old circle intersection and Adams bayou bridge. Another solution I haven’t seen mentioned would be a raised and covered walkway  over the thoroughfare. As far as the idea of adding streetlights ,lighting  only works if people wear light-colored clothing and cross at the lighted area, but separation via a raised crosswalk or barriers to crossing  is the most cost-effective and sure solution.

Just my opinion. Condolences to the families involved, including the driver.


JD Smith