The Repainted Ladies brings new life to treasures

Published 3:22 pm Monday, May 1, 2017

Special to the Leader

Vintage furniture and home décor store, The Repainted Ladies was born in 2016 out of a long-time personal love for preserving charming, unique furniture. One year ago, the business was just a plan and an empty, leased building. Retirement, after thirty years of teaching in Orange county schools, gave the owner the time to turn a dream into a business reality. That dream was to preserve historic craftsmanship one piece of furniture at a time. The business name originates from the row of historic, painted, Victorian homes in San Francisco- the painted ladies.

Owner, Leesa McMullen, was always troubled when quality vintage furniture was thrown into the trash bin before all the life was gone. The Repainted Ladies, at 9132 I-10 W. in Orange, Texas, was created to give “make-overs” to furniture and décor in need of a little -or a lot- of TLC. Things can be repaired, updated, upcycled and/or repurposed. “The resulting piece is much stronger and more interesting than the typical self-assemble furniture available, today,” says McMullen. “And, the vintage piece is one of a kind with a history and a story to tell.”

When the business began, the “make-overs” were all done on stock available for purchase in the showroom. While the showroom stock continues to be replenished, today, renovations on showroom stock have taken a backseat to custom work for clients. Some of the restorations are on client’s personal family treasures. Some updates are on items personally shopped and “picked” by The Repainted Ladies to meet a specific need that the client has expressed. Clients come back time after time with their own custom projects and to choose from the showroom stock.

In the showroom, furniture includes dining tables, chairs, storage cabinets, desks, vanities, beds, night stands, end tables, coffee tables, lounge chairs, dressers and more. Décor pieces include lamps, collectible glassware, mirrors, artwork and much more. It is not a normal resale shop. The items have been updated and restored. It is a select, curated collection of vintage and antique furniture and decorative items.

The furniture and décor are featured on the company internet website, Before and after photos of completed projects can be found on the site and showcase the variety of make-overs undertaken by The Repainted Ladies. Types of make-over services offered include furniture painting/staining, structural repair, restoration and upholstering.

Leesa is extremely excited to be guiding The Repainted Ladies into its sophomore year of business. “Orange County has been so supportive of this endeavor. There is always someone stopping by to chat, shop and have a cup of coffee.” The workshop was hopping all year. Going forward, additional stock from the workroom will continue to be updated and integrated into the showroom. Word of mouth and referrals will continue to increase the amount of custom work that cycles through the workshop.

Because an integral part of the business is hunting and “picking” for unique inventory, it is best to call ahead to make certain that someone is in the shop.