Published 8:53 am Wednesday, April 26, 2017

While taking a pick up load of plastic bottle recyclables that  as a “good stewart of the earth” I collect at the gym that I work out at to 1442 Saturday, April 8th. I Heard the story that 3 people 2 men and a woman in a truck were unloading  trash on the side of Terry Road (which is just down from the landfill)  A Game Warden caught them doing it.   He made them pick it all back up and followed them to the landfill to unload there and then fined them  over $200 each.    Forgot to tell this story to council  when we “trashy ladies” talked to them.  If a game warden can do it.  I know Orange Police Department can and every other policing entity in Orange County.


Respectfully Submitted

Sandra Cash