Stealing from children

Published 7:49 am Saturday, February 11, 2017

Children who need a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) are already in a situation where the adults around them are striving to prove their trustworthiness.

To use the term ‘ripped from their homes and families’ does not accurately describe what these children are facing. They are being rescued from a volatile situation in which their lives are deemed at risk.

A child who has shivered in fear because of the sound of a parents voice learns to not trust adults.

A child who has been beaten for spilling milk, or abused by a family member learns adults lie.

Abuse comes in many forms from mental, physical and sexual – none of which are acceptable. To steal from these children is horrendous.

The theft of funds from CASA is another abuse of these children. Thankfully the board members had the foresight to obtain insurance for embezzlement and fraud. The funds stolen from CASA will be reimbursed through the insurance company so the organization can continue on with their mission to help the children.

While the investigation continues, remember the children are still in need of the communities support.

The same children who have lost their family and all they had, as many times, the children are removed from the house with nothing but the clothes they are wearing at the time, are the ones who still need our support.

To steal from these innocent children who are striving to understand the meaning of trust in a new environment, we hope this does not deter them from the healing they are already undergoing.

Having spoken with a couple of CASA Board members, the mission to help the children is still their number one priority. The volunteers and board members will continue to need the support of the community to succeed in their mission.