Orange County marriage licenses issued Jan. 23 – Jan. 27, 2017

Published 8:20 am Monday, January 30, 2017

The following couples were reported to have obtained marriage licenses in the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, during the week of Jan. 23 – Jan. 27, 2017:


Trevor W. Smith and Isabella M. Carlyle

John R. Johnson, Jr and Amber N. Black

Travis Lightfoot and Sharonique N. Scott

Othmane Benyoucef and Pamela F. Harrington

Hector J. Alonso Sanchez and Emilea C. Plake

Melissa S. Barrow and Deanna L. Brown

Donald F. Hebert, Jr and Gena G. Kelley

Therese P.M Barker and Crystal S. Montgomery

Justin A. Faulk and Katlyn N. Parks