Holman seeking to make history

Published 8:05 am Saturday, November 5, 2016

By Paul Ivory

Special to The Leader

What is the true value of education? Most people would say that success is directly tied to a good education, but often times people choose not to pursue an education. Few are as focused as Keyshawn Holman.

Keyshawn Holman is a senior at West Orange-Stark High School that knows the importance of gaining an education. Aside from being a standout athlete and being involved in numerous school clubs, Keyshawn is working to make history. Keyshawn is currently in the process of becoming a member of the United States Naval Academy. If he makes it in, he will be the first person from Orange, Texas to be attend the Academy.

The application process for the United States Naval Academy is a very daunting task, but Keyshawn has found a way to conquer it.

Keyshawn was taught at a very young age that applying yourself in all areas of life, will help bring about success. Despite being a very shy kid growing up, Keyshawn has become a very outgoing person who goes out of his way to help those in need. This change in character has caught the eye of many people, especially his family members.

I had the chance to speak with his stepfather Mavis Williams, and he had this to say regarding Keyshawn, “ Ever since I’ve been apart of his life, he has always been an obedient young man. He has learned how to be open to advice, and has a drive to be successful. Keyshawn knows the value and the product of hard work.”

A true testament to Keyshawn’s character was seen in a mock interview. During this interview Keyshawn was asked a series of questions and the reviews were very high. Mrs. Ruth Hancock is a former teacher of Keyshawn’s, and this is what she had to say after his mock interview, “There is nothing that surprises me about Keyshawn. He has always been a teachable young man and his current success is a result of it. His background has taught him many lessons that aren’t found in classrooms.’’ Her husband Ray Hancock added,” Keyshawn is a very well rounded young man who is brimming with confidence. He is well suited for a military academy appointment.’’

Mrs. Bonni Stancoven is a nurse anesthetist who was also an interviewer of Keyshawn’s. She already knew of Keyshawn’s personality and his abilities, because use Keyshawn shadowed her this past summer. She went on to say,” I was impressed by his intelligence and poise she saw in the summer, and I am impressed with the growth he has shown to this point.’’

Ivory Roberts, the founder of Young Financial Wizards was also in attendance. He has become a mentor to Keyshawn ever since Keyshawn became a member of his non-profit organization. He sat in on the interview, and gave Keyshawn this vital piece of advice,’’ Confidence and honesty are a major parts of any interview. Be honest and stay true to yourself, and you will do fine.’’

The path hasn’t been easy for Keyshawn Holman. It has been a hard process, and it is far from over. Many people would have thrown in the towel a long time ago, but most people aren’t driven like Keyshawn. Keyshawn is on the verge of making history, but he has already made an impact greater than he could have ever imagined.