The great and powerful NBA has spoken

Published 9:43 am Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner has decided to act as the judge, jury and executioner in the culture war for LGBT rights. His act to cancel the 2017 all-star game in Charlotte North Carolina is an act of outrage to both the NBA and free speech fans. To effectively do this you have to either ignore or destroy (or both) the morals that made this country great and the church of Jesus Christ who taught us it’s importance.
The Bible (the Christian’s hand book for a successful life) speaks of the homosexual lifestyle as a sin in several different places, and is just as valid now as it was thousands of years ago when written.
The city of Charlotte, the state of North Carolina have the right to be governed by the elected representatives of their choice, not high and mighty commissioners who play politics with affairs that he doesn’t like.
We should see you sir in the unemployment line. A boy and his tantrums have no business being employed at this level.
I have been a fan of the NBA since the days when it merged with the ABA, but I never will go to another game as long as this outrage stands. Other fans can make up their own minds.
Jesus and freedom vs LGBT shout downs and chaos. Decide for yourself which is the better way to live.

Dave Pickrell
Katy, Texas