Vidor Junior High Symphonic Band Takes Sweepstakes at Contest

Published 11:15 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Special to The Leader

The Vidor Junior High symphonic band and their director Trubie Smith came out ahead of almost all of the competition at the recent concert and sightreading contest, which is held annually to rate bands on their prepared music as well as on their ability to read new pieces.  The band earned all first division ratings, three from the concert judges and three from sightreading judges, making them one of only three bands in the entire competition to take home the coveted sweepstakes trophy.

The band played Excelsior, La Rejuoissance, and Canterbury Coronation, which they had worked long and hard to prepare.  That became quickly obvious to one judge who said, “Students perform with mature, characteristic sounds, pitches are centered and well controlled.  Dynamic contrast is obvious and effective.  Clarity is good. Articulation is exceptional.  Students perform artistically with appropriate musical style.  I loved your performance. BRAVO!”

A second judge wrote, ” Band, you look awesome in your uniforms!” then went on to applaud their playing.

“Great job today!  A great program that has been very well rehearsed.  Everyone is contributing on a high level. BRAVO!  Nice musical program. Great to hear you.  Band, you were superior today!”

And yet another judge added, “Very controlled tone quality.  Beautiful dynamic contrast.  Lovely!!  Bravo on the styles!!!  Awesome!!  It was a pleasure to  hear you play.”

Director Trubie Smith was noted as being ‘a credit to the profession,’ with the judge stating, “We need more like you.”

Smith has worked for Vidor Independent School District since 1980.