Parents wanted: The best gift for Teacher Appreciation Week

Published 10:16 am Monday, May 2, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas – Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2–6, and National Teacher’s Day falls on May 3. These are special days to honor our educators and recognize their dedication to teaching children. The Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) would like to encourage parents and students to ‘Thank a Teacher’ this Teacher Appreciation Week.

ATPE asked members what gifts they would appreciate receiving from parents and their students. Based on their answers, ATPE offers the following gift ideas to acknowledge your teacher:

  • School supplies. Teachers often spend their own money to keep their classroom stocked with items students use throughout the year. Some good options might be glue sticks, dry erase markers, tissue boxes or classroom decorations.
  • Gift cards. Give teachers a gift card to a school supply store to help with their classroom expenses or to a local coffee shop so they can grab a quick breakfast and drink on their way to work.
  • Letters of appreciation. Gifts don’t have to cost you anything. A hand-written letter to your teacher saying how they’ve helped throughout the school year could be the most sentimental. Another option is to write a note to their principal or superintendent saying what a wonderful job they’ve done.
  • Support and respect. The most requested item was for parents to become more involved by talking to their children about respect and practicing good behavior at home. Simple lessons such as raising your hand before speaking and listening to instructions can help teachers focus more on teaching and less on discipline.

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