Vaccination clinics for LCM Secondary Students

Published 5:35 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Special to The Leader

Little Cypress-Mauriceville secondary campuses will have a vaccination clinic available on Friday, April 29, for students who will need immunizations for the upcoming school year. There are required vaccinations for different grade levels.

Seniors have to have the meningitis vaccine before enrolling in college. Students going into the seventh grade next year will need the Tdap/Td booster and the Meningitis Vaccine. Other vaccines will be available for students who need them.

The clinic at Mauriceville Middle School will begin at 8:30, followed by Little Cypress Junior High and then LCM High School. Director of Health Services for the District, Kelly Meadows, says that they expect each clinic to last approximately one hour, but that may vary due to the number who register for the vaccines. The cost for students 18 years or younger is $20 for one vaccine, $30 for two and $40 for three or more.  Students with Medicaid/CHIP will receive their vaccines free of charge with a copy of their current card.  The cost for Meningococcal vaccine for the students 19 years and older will be $100.

Vaccinations will be provided by VaxANation.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the clinic now. Doctor’s offices and other health providers will be much busier when the 2016-2017 school year begins and students need the immunizations prior to attending school in the fall.

The forms are available in nurse’s offices.  For additional information, please call the nurse at your child’s campus. The numbers are MMS – 409.745.3970; LCJH –409.883.2317; and LCM High School – 409.886.5821. You may also contact VaxANation for additional information at 832-460-9003.