Mota: A “Gem” of a Battlin’ Bear fan

Published 2:50 pm Wednesday, March 9, 2016

By Van Wade

The Orange Leader

LITTLE CYPRESS — For years and years, it would just not be fitting to go to any Little Cypress-Mauriceville event, especially sports, without seeing that little man in the green shirt.

Pete Mota is as part of the fabric of Little Cypress-Mauriceville as the nickname the Battlin’ Bears. He is proud to say that he was supporting the Bears when it was Little Cypress High School and fondly remembers seeing Honey, the live Bear mascot, at football battles.

He attends and roots for every single kid in every single sport. He constantly provides words of encouragement and the athletes soak it all in.

He has encompassed all sports, both boys and girls teams.

Mota has always been fond in sports. He was busy back in his high school days at Port Isabel, Texas where he graduated in 1958.

Mota lettered in football, basketball, tennis, track and fast-pitch softball.

“I have loved sports all of my life,” said Mota. “I came from a small school, so I played everything from basketball, football, tennis and fast-pitch softball.”

Mota has always had a soft spot for all of the kids.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t have my Daddy in my life much at all and my Mother provided for us and she did a great job, the best she could do,”said Mota. “You never realize how tough we had it because she cared for us so much. I love to support all the kids, but especially the ones that are in single-parent homes. I really push them on and like to encourage them.”

Even more magical is when former graduates, dating way back to the 1970s and 1980s come up, hug him and then give him words of encouragement.

“I love to see kids that I rooted for for all these years go on and make something of their lives,”said Mota. “It always touches my heart when they come up to me and give me a big hug and they thank me for my support. I just enjoy going to the games and root them all on. That has always been a pastime for me and it will always be that way. I love high school sports. I’m not big on college and pro sports, though I do watch them some too.”

No matter the weather, whether it is scalding hot or freezing cold, Mota is right their cheering on the charges.

Mota is no stranger at supporting all of the Orange County schools, especially when they make long playoff runs in which he makes long playoff treks to support all of the local kids.

LC-M coaches and parents are not the only ones that respect Mota, as he gets plenty of handshakes from visiting coaches and hugs from other athletes from other schools that he has supported over the years.

“I love going to watch all of our local schools,” said Mota. “Of course, I usually go to LC-M games first, but when they are done, I go see everybody. I love going to West Orange, Bridge City and Orangefield and have gotten to know a lot of great people at those places too. I follow all of them when they make the playoffs too. I really, really enjoyed watching West Orange-Stark go all the way to win State this past season. Was really, really proud of them.”

Mota is also proud to be a United States Army Veteran. He served with the 151 Calvary Division in Korea and the 101st Airborne Division. He served from 1958 to 1961 and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge for his service. He was also a fast-pitch ace for his company team.

Mota has been honored by the LC-M School District several times over the years, especially by the girls basketball teams.

Mota and his wife Ludie, who passed away last year, moved to Little Cypress in 1978 and his daughters Brenda and Mary are both LC-M graduates. He has four grandchildren.

“I have been blessed with a wonderful life and a wonderful family,” said Mota. “I still miss my wife dearly. So going to all of the games has continued to lift my spirits like they never have before. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many excellent kids, coaches and administrators over the years that I will always have great memories of and good relationships with. That’s what makes it so special for a man that just loves to watch sports.”