Bayou Club appreciative of Local Law Enforcement

Published 8:14 am Sunday, August 16, 2015

My name in Jeff Hatch, I am the new owner of “The Bayou Club” business in Orange and I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Orange Police Department for their prompt, professional and courteous service they provided when my business was recently broken into.

In the midst of all the negative media attention given to Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers lately, I felt compelled to publicly applaud the Orange Police Department for their expedient attention given to the criminal mischief that occurred at my business.

The police were immediately able to identify the suspect through video surveillance, locate the offender and recover property that was stolen from the premise.

It’s nice to know that my business, staff, management, and even our patrons can depend on this hard working team in any time of need, giving us all a sense of being in a safe environment.

The officers and all that were involved in this “case” are certainly an asset to Orange, Texas.

In closing, I just wanted everyone to know how appreciative The Bayou Club is to Orange’s hard working law enforcement agency and Officers. Thank you for your service!


Jeff Hatch

Owner: The Bayou Club – Orange, Texas