Further investigation needed

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unless I have missed the reports, all I hear about are requests to investigate Clinton herself for the private email server.
Well, that’s not good enough. I doubt Ms. Clinton could physically install the machine and then load the smtp server. Oh, no…..the “witch hunt” does not go far enough. The Dept of State Undersecretary for Management and the CIO of the Info Resource Management section must have approved it. Who bought the server? Who delivered the server? Who configured the server? Was the server in the baseline configuration list? If not, why not? Who laid the comm lines? What telecom company carried her emails? Was Ms. Clinton properly trained in system back-ups? If not, why not? Who keeps training records? Were the latest operating system and application patches installed? If not, why not?
For 24 years I worked with databases on secured networks. All of my procedures were documented. Dept. of State had better have their “ducks in a row”.
Oh, no…..a “witch hunt” of Clinton is insufficient. An “exorcism” of broken procedures and configuration management needs to be done. EVERYONE involved (government AND private sector) needs to be investigated.

Arthur Martinson