Will the Lone Star flag be surrendered?

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Politicians and media are portraying the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate rather than heritage. Will they also label the Lone Star flag as a symbol of hate because of its confederate history in the civil war? The Texas flag was displayed with the “Southern Cross” Confederate flag in many battles.

Hood’s Texas Brigade and other Texas confederate units carried the Lone Star flag during the war. It is a historical fact that the Texas flag, in its present form, is a Confederate Battle flag as it is dated from 1839 to the present (Civil War 1861-1865). It should be noted that the present South Carolina Palmetto Tree state flag was carried by Hampton’s Legion and other South Carolina confederate forces. This flag also shares Confederate history with the Lone Star flag.

Politicians and media are revising Texas history. Conquering the Lone Star flag would be the ultimate trophy for heritage thieves. They are successfully looting other historical symbols of the south and will continue until they have purged them completely, especially the Texas flag. Now is the time for all Texans to unite, stand up, and answer the call to defend our heritage and the Lone Star flag.

Jim Gray
Henderson, Texas