Alligator attacks

Published 9:33 am Monday, July 20, 2015

Last week was so ridiculous. How soon we forget the alligators attack on Cow Bayou, Bridge City, Texas. People, dogs were missing one after another.

I am for the people instead of Game Wardens alligators.

Texas Wildlife has lost control over this neucent reptiles along with wild hogs in south west Texas.

They have lost total control. Texas is losing money hand over fist, for example, Hen House Ridge Jasper, Texas. There so many hundreds and this over the summer alligators have over run the parks. Bluebirds Fish Camp, Taylor Bayou brings fresh shrimp to fish with and you will see alligators.

I lived 10 minutes west by woods from the killer alligator destroyed a human life.

As a young teenager everyone east of Flint Street live in the woods making camp, boating, and camping out. Now you would be putting your life on the line because alligators multiples many times over the year.

They eat valuable fish and shrimp, turtles, crabs, etc. People use to haul plentiful. Something seriously needs to be done immediately! If not sooner.

In case of major hurricane people unable to afford to evacuate or the ones that want may end up like alligator bait or mangled for life.

Just like Hurricane Carla did to Cameron, Louisiana. They had neturate rats all over floating debris, people had to fight these varmints to weather the tidewaters.

The difference, we have alligators.

Owens Mcpayne