Responding to ‘Pinehurst resident heads to Washington D.C. for HUD Tenants Conference.’

Published 11:41 am Monday, June 29, 2015

I am writing in response to the article in The Orange Leader, dated June 20-21, 2015, ‘Pinehurst resident heads to Washington D.C. for HUD Tenants Conference.’
I live at Optimist Village Apartments in Pinehurst, a 96-unit complex for seniors – handicap and disabled for a few years now.
When something goes wrong in my apartment, I go to, or call the office to report (is the key word) the problem and it is taken care of the same day, unless they have to order a part to fix it. If it can not be fixed, the management will replace it completely. When I have a question about anything I go to or call the Office and talk to management. When I leave the office, I am satisfied with the answer.
When you sign a lease, it contains rules and regulations. Also our rights and responsibilities. That lease is from HUD and Optimist Village. Management duties and rights are to enforce the entire lease. We also receive material about contacts for HUD if we need or want to call HUD for any reason.
Now I do not understand how someone can put in writing and have it published stating quote “When there are managers who hinder their residents’ rights to call HUD or any other authorities, there are some very serious issues at that complex!” McKinley said unquote.
Excuse me! Hello, the management does not live in our apartment. Pick up and use the phone. Nobody has the right to represent me in anyway. Thank you.
Our entrance to the buildings has large double doors handicap accessible push button inside or outside they open. Our door is locked at night, but we are all issued a key to get in when we moved in. Our common area (lobby) is wonderful, plenty seating for a number of residents to sit comfortable and visit and talk. Our mailboxes are there also. There are 3 floors to each building, each floor has a laundry room and drink machines. 1st floor has patios with fence enclosure. 2nd and 3rd floors have black iron enclosure. We are also a pet friendly complex. We have elevators and stairs. We have a kitchen. We have a very nice driveways and parking area. We have picnic tables on property – bird feeders. We have 3 large dumpsters for trash. We have security guards everynight.
We have landscape service once a week. Our outside is fabulous on the entire property.
We also have a secretary who is caring, thoughtful and professional.
Our maintenance is very efficient and polite.
Every year we have a Thanksgiving dinner that we all pitch in and bring foods and drinks. Management also provides food and supplies. Yearly Christmas dinner and party is off complex property that is fully funded by Optimist Village.
Management lives on property.
We have an answering service to call if we have a very serious problem that might occur at night or weekends. Management and maintenance is notified immediately.
Now who do you think oversees to make sure all these things and any other business is taken care of for all residents?
You’re right. The Management. Thank you.
It takes a caring and professional person to do this job and does a lot of things for all of us that management does not have to do that’s not in job description but does them for all residents anyway.
Sure there’s going to be what I call bumps in the road when you are dealing with the public, but anything is fixable.
Let’s face it people, we are a world of individuals with our own opinions, we will never all agree on anything. We all have the freedom of speech and the right to be heard and not dismissed. We all just have to be careful picking our battles in life. This world we live in will never be perfect. Everyone just needs to try harder to get along.
No matter where you live – Apartments, your own home, condo, etc… there are always from time to time things happen you might need to talk to lawyers, insurance companies, owners, landlords, managers, IRS, and maybe 9 out of 10 does not agree with what ever it may be that’s happening. This is CALLED LIFE.
Here’s one of my opinions, just because you read or hear someone else’s opinion doesn’t mean everybody sees it that same way. That’s life.
This is absolutely the first place I have ever lived in my history that I have felt safe on the very first day and everyday since.
There are only a handful of residents that are so unhappy here, that they make
it their duty every day to keep the negativity going about anything and everything.
Here’s one for you. Management has this property decorated for Christmas every year, starts settings things up in November. Everyone is welcome to come see our displays. It is fabulous and magnificent around here. This complex is also the first place in my history that management has decorated property for different holidays.
Now guess what these handful of residents complain about that also. Can anything or anybody make them happy? Answer is No, no and no. They have to want to do it for themselves.
What do I do if I am not happy with where I live, I will move somewhere else.
I would like to thank everybody that took their time to read this article.
Please pray for us and God bless all,
Susan Leggett