Optimist Village great place to live

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dear Editor,

I am very happy to live at Optimist Village. I am proud to call Optimist Village my home.
Optimist Village has always had a good name and comes highly recommended. It has always been well though of and has a Christian atmosphere.
I tried to get in at age 50 but was too young at the time. It is such a good place, I waited until I was old enough and had no problems. At the time, Lejuan Granger was the manager. She was very friendly and welcomed me with open arms. She made you feel like you were coming home.
Her daughter, Cindy, is in the office now, along with Darlene Wissing, the manager. I can’t say enough about how nice and helpful they are and how much fun it is to be around them. I have never had a problem with them. They act in a very professional manner and are such a delight.
As far as maintenance, if we have a problem such as a light bulb needs changing or a refrigerator, door or toilet not working, if it is called into the office, it is taken care of immediately within minutes, unless a part needs to be ordered. The maintenance workers are always very sweet and accommodating. They always say Mrs. This or Mrs. That.
We have guards here seven nights a week. They walk the halls every hour as well as the grounds outside the buildings. I could not do that every hour myself. There are also security cameras.
The grounds are kept up and the grass is mowed each week. The plants here are so beautiful. The inside of the buildings are well taken care of. The insides are beautiful and kept clean.
Every year the management team that was referred to as hostile in the article are the same ones which decorate the grounds each Christmas with lights from one street to the next for the residents to enjoy.
The public is invited each year to drive through and enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights.
If anyone doubts what I am saying, they just need to visit and see how wonderful a place Optimist Village really is.

Bennie Dallas