Letter to the editor – Babin wants to raise our taxes

Published 12:34 pm Monday, June 15, 2015

I live in Mr. Babin’s district though I am some three hours away from Orange, and I have a response to Mr. Babin’s Op-ED. Please see below…
Mr. Babin is continuing to advocate for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The problem is that if the system is reset, we all we see massive increases in heath care costs for those that make the choice to purchase care and an across the board tax hike on each and everyone of us.
Yes, Mr. Babin wants to raise our taxes and I am taking a stand against it.
The short version is this. In all of the cases Mr. Babin cited in his op-ed, if they do not have insurance we pay when they get sick. If one can’t afford a six hundred dollar month premium, (BTW that’s for a family not an individual person as Mr. Babin alludes to) then there is no way one will be able to afford life saving surgery if they get sick. This means that the cost of the surgery will fall on the tax payers to cover it. This means we pay higher taxes. This means Mr. Babin wants to raise our taxes.
There are numerous other problems that Mr. Babin either ignores or doesn’t understand.
First, in some of the cases listed in Mr. Babin’s op-ed, they would have affordable coverage if Texas had taken our tax money back and expanded Medicaid. Second, what Mr. Babin really doesn’t want us to know is that health care premiums will skyrocket if the Republicans win the pending case.
Basically, for lower income individuals insurance is subsidized though federal government. If the republicans win the case, then those premiums will go up. Those subsidies kick in at $44,000 income for an individual. So if you make more 44,000 or less than Mr. Babin wants to raise your health care costs as well as your taxes.
If you the reader make less than $40,000/year then Mr. Babin wants to raise your taxes and your health care premiums. Take a stand, just say no.

Thank you,
John Butler
Clear Lake, Texas