CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Enjoy these easy meals and great reads

Published 10:24 am Monday, June 10, 2024

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If your idea of going wild is heating water, you’ve got some easy meals ahead.

Maybe you’re going camping or just need something satisfying in your desk drawer. Rip open a pouch of Wild Zora, add the hot water and zip it up again.

Soon you’ll be making the yummy sound for dishes such as Savory Chicken (free range) in Paleo format; Herb Roasted Chicken with quinoa, spinach and herbs or Mountain Beef Stew.

This company has your back if you are gluten-, dairy- or nut-free or want some plant-based goods.

There’s more than pouches at, and I vouch for the pouch. These are good.

“Love Earth Now” – Ignorant hipsters and befriending a pigeon in a parking lot are just two topics in a book that make you work.

Cheryl Leutjen writes some funny stuff on serious topics, and then there’s the exercises that make you think about things, like trees you have planted or breathing deeply.

These writings are collected in “Love Earth Now” with the subtitle “The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day.”

If you think about where your almond milk comes from or put on a sweater instead of immediately turning the heat up, this funny lady’s ponderings could be for you.

“The Joy of Imperfect Love: The Art of Creating Healthy, Securely, Attached Relationships” – Author Carla Marie Manly, PHD, uses couple examples we can surely all relate to in this book.

Honest relationship ethics and healthy conflict are among myriad topics.

I like the empathy page, but I’m thinking of self control topics in relating to foodie life.

Too many desserts or hot peppers?

Boundaries, people.

Examples from the book: Self-control increases positive habit formation, such as going for a walk with your partner. Go from “my way” or the “way it’s always been” to “our way.”

It bolsters a realistic and positive mindset. Everything isn’t always all or nothing.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie spending the summer looking for new flavors. Share with her at