CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Cowboy wok or disco? Discada brings it deliciously together.

Published 8:26 am Monday, June 3, 2024

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Of all the stand-out dishes at a graduation party I attended in Trinity, off a cove of Lake Livingston, there was one new-to-me.

Fajitas, layered dips and multiple cakes tempted. Then I spotted the large round pan on the stove covered with foil. I figured it would be paella, but the hostess revealed discada, a Mexican dish of grilled meats.

Chicken, sausage and peppers were some of the ingredients in a rich, red juice.

I tried it and loved it and tried it a few more times.

The big round pan is sometimes called a disco, cowboy wok or plow disc cooker.

Farmers in Mexico at one time used old plow discs as griddles over a wood fire.

I’ve seen these modern versions sold at Southeast Texas markets.

Other flavors to put in your disco include beef, pork, chorizo and vegetables.

Finishing touches could be Mexican beer, Clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce and the Jugo Maggi of Micheladas. I’m ready for the disco.

Have a Heart – The hemp heart is the most nutritionally complete food source in the world, according to Evo Hemp, so they put them in nutrition bars with cashew butter and chocolate chips.

Consider the variety pack because I can’t pick a favorite from lemon, brownie chip or cookie dough. There’s a crunch in there. I cut them up so they last all day. explains why they’re so good. But I believe it is overall my favorite product of this nature so far.

“Love Earth Now” – Ignorant hipsters and befriending a pigeon in a parking lot are just two topics in a book that make you work. Cheryl Leutjen writes some funny stuff on serious topics, and then there’s the exercises that make you think about things, like trees you have planted, or breathing deeply.

These writings are collected in “Love Earth Now” with the subtitle “The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day.”

If you think about where your almond milk comes from or put on a sweater instead of immediately turning the heat up, this funny lady’s ponderings could be for you.

Darragh Doiron is Southeast Texas foodie ready to try the flavors you throw at her. Share your experiences at