CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Put creativity on your “bucket” list and upcycle

Published 6:11 am Monday, April 22, 2024

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I love a good spring cleaning. But my sister’s clean out left me with some of her stuff to re-home.

A silver-plated ice bucket from her wedding is now, decades later, holding my garden tools. It looks fancy and inspires me to get out there and do some work.

Finding new uses for stuff is fun. As I understand it, an antique would need to be 100 years old or older.

Vintage is defined as old, recognized and of enduring interest, importance or quality. A lot of my friends think we are vintage.

Zouped Again! – What’s new? If you never get tired of chicken noodle soup, try the Zoup! Version … it’s ready-made in the jar. Zoup! is a “good, really good” chicken bone broth, savory bone broth and more.

I recently mentioned the Butternut Squash variety. Now there’s Portabella Mushroom Bisque and other goodies. They’re proud of their Chicken Pie Soup and let me tell you, that is just what it tastes like. That flavor doesn’t have to be a blast from the past any longer. It could be your regular weekday quickie meal. Learn more at

Sake Soda – Beautiful tattooed warrior women adorn Sake Soda cans. Cherry Blossom, White Peach and Yuzo Ginger are the oh-so-delicate flavors enhancing this sparkling water with Junmai Sake. Cane sugar’s in this libation and it’s oh-so-hip and refreshing for this season. Learn more at

Soula – This is more refreshment in a can with Lime Margarita and other light, fruity flavors. You’d for sure want to pop one open with the meditating barefoot guy on the can. Premium Agave Azul de Mexico is what he’s had. Soooo good.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie looking for the “yum” factor. When you find it, let her know at